Ohhaii y’all

Oh my lanta, it’s been a while since I’ve been on. Not sure if anyone really noticed but I figured I’d make a little post about it. Yupp.

Okay, I love my friends but I hate when they try to give me advice on my pregnancy when they don’t even have kids. Like seriously? You don’t know what the fuck it feels like, so don’t act like you got all the solutions.

I feel like I’ve kinda just droped off the face of the earth lately. Sorry about that. I’m just super preggers and don’t care about much other than nesting and getting this kid out of my body.
3 weeks left.




Dragon’s Breath is a very gorgeous type of opal made into many types of jewelry.

They look like gateways to other dimensions… :O

That top left one looks like it’s plotting to take over Middle Earth

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The Seven Shittiest Sins
  • Greed: I want shit
  • Envy: I want your shit
  • Wrath: I'm going to wreck your shit
  • Lust: I'm into some freaky shit
  • Gluttony: This is some tasty shit
  • Sloth: I don't feel like doing shit
  • Pride: I am the shit


Naps are tricky because you either wake up refreshed and relaxed or you have a headache, dry throat, and are unaware of what year you’re in.


do you ever wonder what household object you would be turned into in a Beauty and the Beast type situation because I do


Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Scenery (requested by robbharington)

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My boyfriend just told me that the Krabby Patty secret ingredient is crab hence why it’s called a Krabby Patty and why Mr. Krabs is so secretive over it because he doesn’t want people to know they’re eating people like him and Plankton is actually a good guy.


That’s what happened to his wife!

that still doesn’t explain why his daughter is a whale.

How can Plankton be the good guy if he’s trying to steal the secret formula to use himself?

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